XoomIM is a Miami-based boutique internet marketing agency that empowers business owners to Attract, Capture and Retain Affluent Loyal Clients by either teaching you how to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) quick and easy marketing tactics or by doing it for you (DFY). We use proven and powerful techniques that are guaranteed to get results.

We build marketing campaigns that consistently produce measurable results, including Attracting website traffic with optimized content, Capturing email subscribers with Constant Contact Email Marketing, and Retaining clients for life with the XoomIM Client and Referral Loyalty Program.

XoomIM (pronounced ZOOM-im) was founded by Evie Hernandez – a young HispanaPreneur that has great passion for inbound marketing. Instead of being an employee and benefiting only one company, she chose to start her own company to help local businesses thrive in South Florida. XoomIM is a boutique style agency that represents small to midsized companies that have sales teams exceeding sales of $1 Million, such as privately owned fitness centers, IT companies, mattress stores, day spas, and plastic surgeons in South Florida. XoomIM tends to keep its client list short, and it is highly selective about the types of clients it accepts. Our Team members are highly specialized in inbound marketing. We offer highly personalized service with the human touch.

XoomIM Inbound SMarketing Agency’s mission is to be the most respected marketing agency for small business owners in South Florida. We want to inspire the kind of loyalty in our clients that compels them to recommend us to other small business owners. To accomplish this we will be known for being transparent with our clients and only suggesting marketing solutions that are aligned with their business goals while providing customized campaigns that help them Attract, Capture and Retain Affluent Clients.

XoomIM helps Small businesses transform their marketing from outbound/interruption marketing (unsolicited telemarketing and direct mail, cold calls, email spam, TV ads, etc) to local inbound marketing (attracting leads through organic SEO, content marketing/blogging, social media), enabling them to “get found” by more local customers in the natural course of the way they shop.

What makes XoomIM Inbound SMarketing Agency different?

XoomIM Inbound SMarketing Agency was created differently because of one simple premise: small business clients in South Florida deserve professional marketing like the big national brands have but for a portion of the cost.

So we built a company committed to delivering just that. A company that believes, with every fiber of its being, that it exists to serve clients, build brand awareness, and help small businesses grow by generating leads online.

We are very professional marketers and we are uncommonly tenacious with our work. We think the only reward that really matters is the results that our client’s obtain. We are strategic driven thinkers digging into our clients’ businesses with a unique perspective to help solve their toughest challenges. We succeed by doing what’s right for our clients.

The goal at XoomIM is to change the way South Florida small businesses market and promote their business by helping them get cost-effective results through SMarketing.

SMarketing refers to the unique way that XoomIM’s Founder Evie Hernandez has taken her 20 years of sales experience and combined it with Internet Marketing to create marketing campaigns that Get Results!

XoomIM delivers results through a variety of very effective internet marketing strategies like SEO and Social Media Optimization. But the results aren’t based only on theory or knowledge, it’s in its strategy and implementation.

XoomIM is a tech-savvy, modern marketing firm that thrives on change and continually applies advances in technology to strengthen its business model, adapt its solutions, and deliver greater value to you, the client. XoomIM provides the most value to businesses that have the most to gain. Effective internet marketing strategies require confident investments, thus XoomIM is comfortable delivering results to businesses that can adequately provide those investments.

XoomIM brings your whole marketing world together in one powerful, integrated system to help you:

  •    Attract website visitors with engaging content
  •    Capture visitors with strong calls to action and lead capture pages
  •    Retain clients through Constant Contact e-mail marketing and loyalty programs

How do we get these results?

We get these results by offering the following solutions: