What is a blog and why the hell do I need one?

This question was asked recently by a 59-year-old business owner who attended a XoomIM Inbound SMarketing Agency marketing workshop a month ago.

Of course, upon asking the question with a funny voice, everyone in the room began to laugh - but then suddenly there was silence as a woman said, Seriously, that is a good question. Why do we need to have a blog?

The “Oracle” likes it when you share content, was the answer they heard back from expert marketing trainer and speaker, Evie Hernandez, XoomIM CEO and Founder.

Who is the “Oracle” you may ask? You know it as the biggest search engine in the world, where people from all walks of life and in all languages ask questions.

That’s right: If you have been living under a rock, perhaps you have not heard the news - but 'Content Is King.' That means that content rules marketing. You may be wondering, why is that?

Well if you believe we live in the informational age then you know we all want to know more. We like information at the tips of our fingers. And while it is true that it is it at the tips of our fingers with just one click, we especially appreciate it when you give it to us.

Why write a blog? Why is content marketing so important? Content marketing, i.e., a blog, is important because you know things others don’t know and people want you to share your knowledge. You have products, services and solutions available to the marketplace but the marketplace has grown tired of pushy sales advertising and sales people (e.g., DO NOT CALL LISTS). People appreciate you more when you openly and authentically share through education.

Educate me on your product, services and solutions and you gain my trust. It goes back to the old adage that says, “People do business with people, they know, like and trust.”

By the way, some research still indicates that the number one marketing method for reaching people is WOM. WOM stands for word-of-mouth. Today you can spread your word more openly through writing a blog and sharing it through your e-newsletter on social media.

When you write people automatically place you on a pedestal because you give the impression that you are more knowledgeable and more daring to share because you know what you are saying. Blogging almost instantaneously puts you ahead of the competition by making you seem like a subject expert.

Having now explained to you the importance of blogging you may now be sold on it, and you may be filled with anxiety by the thought of having to write. Well, the good news is that you do not have to write one single word if you do not want to – because you can hire the expert writers at XoomIM Inbound SMarketing Agency to write for you. We have an experienced team of marketing, sales-copy and subject matter experts at our disposal waiting to begin writing your blog today.

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