Gabriel Diaz is XoomIM's Business Photographer, shooting your virtual tours, online content, and professional headshots.

Gabriel has been a photographer for nearly two decades, shooting primarily fashion, portraiture, and photojournalism. His work has appeared in The New Times, The Miami Herald, Caribbean Today, and magazines such as Indigo, Alternative Revolution, and Practical Photography. A very versatile photographer, he feels equally at home at events and shows as he does exploring the Florida Everglades.

Creative, motivated and results-oriented, Gabriel finds solutions and operates with XoomIM’s clients' best interests in mind. His photographs are a powerful representation of their image and brand.

Gabriel learned to shoot mostly on transparency film, so he likes to get things right in the camera and has limited use for "fix-it" software. His educational background is in journalism and sociology. As a photographer, he has been a stringer for a newspaper, shot the local fashion scene, and he’s been knee-deep in a muddy ditch chasing alligators.

Gabriel is based out of Miami, and a rare native. He has explored a third of the United States on fast motorcycles and has traveled to Europe and Africa, enjoying different cultures and cuisines.