What will you learn?

Through guided technical demonstrations and hands-on learning; collaborative small-group activities, personal coaching, and peer review, you’ll gain new skills in…

  • Strategy: Sharpen your online marketing strategy and learn to set and exceed email marketing goals.
  • List Building: Hands-on exercises help you grow your email lists, target your emails, and manage contacts.
  • Email Design: Learn the basics of newsletter design, and apply new design ideas to showcase your business.
  • Content: Create more engaging email newsletters with articles, coupons, promotions, links, and winning subject lines.
  • Social Media Marketing:  Learn how to use social media in conjunction with Constant Contact Email Marketing to promote your business and grow your customer list.
  • Results: Use tracking reports to make your next emails better than the last.
  • Networking: Collaborate with other small businesses, nonprofits, and associations, while exchanging ideas for improving your email and social media marketing.  


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After investing in this class you will be empowered to:

Attract, Capture and Retain Clients!
  1. Adding links, tables, videos, surveys, and other impactful content
  2. Analytics – How to measure, track, and read performance… to improve!
  3. Branding Your Email Marketing with your Brand Colors, Logos and Images
  1. Content Marketing – Why subject line is only the beginning, the secrets of pre-header text
  2. How to get great open rates and click through rates 
  3. Creating a mobile friendly template 
  4. Growing Your List – How to build a Constant Contact email list from your Facebook followers
  5. Leverage Posting Tools, like Constant Contact’s Social Media Console
  6. How to avoid the spam trap