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Research indicates that we’ve become a visual society, therefore we are visual consumers. Most consumers are finding your business on their mobile devices, and you must agree, they aren’t just looking for text – they want beautiful photos that get their attention. Professional photography has become more important than ever to help generate leads for your business because it gives your customers the eye-popping information they crave and your Web presence the polished look that it needs to stand out.

Americans increasingly rely on what they see, and not just on what they read or hear, to help them make their buying decisions.

Here are some helpful facts to help you better remember this if you are thinking about creating a new website:

  • Approximately 65 percent of the population is visual learners. (Mind Tools, 1998)
  • The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. (3M Corporation, 2001)
  • 90 percent of information that comes to the brain is visual.(Hyerle, 2000)

(Compiled by http://visualteachingalliance.com)

Restaurant owners who understand how to leverage great business photography attract customers and increase their profits.

A Google case study conducted during New York City’s Restaurant Week in 2013 found that “55% of all participating restaurants had Business Photos.” Results showed that diners were more likely to reserve a table at restaurants with photos. In the competitive arena of dining in NYC, the study continues, “this compelling visual imagery offered these restaurants a valuable edge.” Google surveyed 1300 customers and reported that 84% said that the photography influenced their choice of restaurant.

Great photography also attracts customers beyond your own Website. Social media channels are now regularly used by businesses to expand their customer base and improve profits. “Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have ushered in visual marketing as the breakout trend for 2012. When it comes to their products, businesses are learning to show, not tell, and visual content sites are fueling our desire for beautiful photography and sensational design.” (Ekaterina Walter, “The Rise of Visual Social Media.)

XoomIM Internet Marketing Agency’s experience with local businesses correlates with these notions. One restaurant owner had a prime location along a major highway in Miami, a stunning dining area that provided a visual feast for his customers as they enjoyed a savory gourmet meal, and attentive service that kept them smiling. Yet because the owner was relying on the real estate adage – “location, location, location” – he was quickly going under.

So this article begs the question: Who do you know who has a business that needs better presence on the internet? Maybe, just maybe, you know someone personally like, say… You?

We would love to hear from you, please share with us how photography has helped you generate more engagement on social media channels, or how it has enhanced your web presence on your website.

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