Do you know how a great business website can help you generate leads?

Any business owner can slap together a webpage, using one of the cheap or even free platforms on the internet - or hiring a professional web designer for a slicker and better site. Yet most websites aren’t much more than an online brochure - maybe pretty, maybe somewhat informative about your product or service, but that’s it.

That’s good for the visitor who was specifically looking for you and wanted to know more about your business. Or maybe you are one of the few lucky ones that get found through a search engine when someone puts in the “right” keyword for your company, but then what?

Your website can be a great source of lead generation or at the very least a way to increase your online brand, but it takes work to make it work better for you. A great site will educate, inspire confidence, establish credibility, and invite your customers to happily give up their contact information so you can more easily nurture them as leads.

But how? Here are a few tips that will help make your website lead to more profits for your business.

Increase customer confidence and your own credibility. There are two things that help to ease any fears a new customer may have about hiring you: add your phone number on every page, and show some testimonials from past clients.

The reason testimonials work should be self-explanatory; everyone likes to see some proof that they’re about to do business with someone reliable. But the phone number gives peace of mind to the client - it’s a very personal way to for them to reach you, a human being, should they have any questions or concerns.

Have a clean and personal design for your site. You want your site to be memorable and easy to navigate. The templates offered by the free sites usually don’t cut it. If you can afford it, hire a professional web designer so that your page can have a beautiful custom look tailored to your business. A good designer will keep your pages free of distractions and make your site’s intent easy to understand. This helps build confidence in your new potential customer too.

Compelling content keeps people clicking. You have a lot of knowledge to share about your industry, and your customers could always use a little education. Be free with some good useful information, and visitors will want to come back to your site - and they’ll want to click through all of your pages.

And remember, fantastic content will attract new visitors to your site as well. Content goes hand in hand with SEO (search engine optimization).

Contact information turns visitors into leads. A plain contact form isn’t too effective anymore - people just don’t like giving out their email so freely these days. But if you offer something valuable, you’ll find visitors are more willing to share their contact info. When you ask for your visitor’s information, offer a link to a coupon, an ebook, or a whitepaper, and you will receive permission to begin emailing your new prospect. That means more leads, which means more conversions.

These tips should help make your website into the strong sales tool it can be. Please feel free to call us today at 786-529-1519 if you are ready to turn your page into a lead generation machine.

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