local-online-marketingWhy is Local Marketing important to small businesses?

Local Marketing refers to attracting local leads and clients to your local small business. When your prospective customers need your products and services and DO NOT know you or your company, can they find you on Google? If you want to dominate the South Florida local market you must establish a strong online presence that is easy to find by anyone looking for you based on your solutions to their problems.




As you know, having a storefront or an office will not guarantee that customers will walk in. Unlike the movie, “A Field of Dreams”, if you build it – they will not come. What that means is that if you have a business in South Florida and you do not market it well, you will not grow. Furthermore, if you have an online brochure (aka old-fashioned website) just because you build it does not mean that clients will find it if you do not optimize (SEO) your website. South Florida is a very competitive market, there is probably at least one other company that offers the same or similar services and products like you, therefore, in order to DOMINATE the South Florida market you must not only focus on being “better”  -rather, you must focus on how you are going to be as famed marketer Seth Godin suggests,”remarkable,” different, memorable.