Before you begin to invest in any advertising or marketing, we at XoomIM always suggest that you have a clearly defined and written marketing plan to guide you along the way. A written strategic marketing plan serves as your company’s road map that helps you lead the way through a very competitive market place.

At XoomIM we take strategic marketing planning very seriously and we begin this process through a series of sessions aimed at helping you clearly see your company thriving in the future.

XoomIM’s Strategic marketing planning is comprised of having a team of experienced marketing experts begin intensive desktop marketing research on your company, as well as your competition, in order to have a complete understanding of your past and your present so that we can help you create a profitable future.

After the desktop research our team schedules a series of meetings with the CEO and the management team at your company. These meetings are aimed at taking a deep dive into your company’s operation, sales and marketing in order to fully understand where your company is today and where you want it to be. During the strategic marketing planning, we engage in problem finding. After a series of meetings we begin helping you set some SMART goals and we help you write down the short and long term goals your company wants to achieve, and the timeframe by which these goals are going to be reviewed and achieved.

A strategic marketing plan is comprised of both the long and short term goals of a company. It serves as the map to guide our agency in helping you achieve your desired outcomes. The strategic marketing plan includes the company’s mission as well as the vision statement. It helps in the expansion of the company’s reputation and it says a lot about what the company stands for as well as the corporate structure and culture.

By creating a strategic marketing plan your company will be better able to create a realistic marketing budget.

Clearly defining the ideal clients as well as understanding what makes your products, services and solutions different and stand out from the rest is an important component of the birthing process of your ultimate strategic marketing plan.

The CEO of XoomIM, Evie Hernandez, always believes that small business owners must make it a priority to have the strategy precede the tactics. The strategy is what is going to be accomplished, the tactics are HOW the strategy will be implemented in order to achieve the goals of the strategic marketing plan.