xoomim-restaurant-photographyHey Restaurant Owners, have you ever wondered how you can entice more potential customers into your restaurant? Imagine a well-prepared meal, its tempting aroma, its savory taste, and even the appetizing look of a chef’s signature dish. Is your mouth watering with delicious anticipation? All your senses are now stimulated!

Now would you agree that visual is essential to attracting prospective customers especially since they will not be able to use any of their other senses until they walk into your restaurant? So if you want to attract new customers who have never stepped a foot in your restaurant, why not use a visual enticement to make them curious about just how delicious your dishes really are?

Only a professional experienced in restaurant photography can bring your restaurant to life. A photographer has the trained eye and the know-how to make the dishes and details of your dining establishment pop out at every visitor to your site or Yelp listing. Let’s have a look at the various products professional photography can offer your business.

Food photography plays a major role in your marketing, whether it’s a paid spot in a print magazine or on your Web page, or as is very common now, on one of the many social media channels. A beautiful photograph of a stylized dish will arouse a viewer’s appetite and curiosity.

Point of Interest (POI) photographs are images that feature all the unique and beautiful details of your restaurant. These still images showcase the custom décor that makes for that all-important first impression and compels customers to come back. Show potential customers why your restaurant should become their new favorite when they find you on Google and Google Maps, Yelp, and other review sites.

You will agree that Google Maps is the primary tool customers use to find the best restaurant for their special evening. When searching for the right place to have a business meeting or a romantic dinner, it helps to have a good visual of the atmosphere and décor. Why chance it to a place that is not conducive to romance, good conversation, and a great first impression? Why would someone take a potential client or business partner to a place that turns out to be unimpressive and blasé?

The Google Maps Business View Virtual Tour goes beyond the flat two-dimensional set of images that most restaurants have on their site. The Tour provides an engaging, interactive experience that lets your future customers take a virtual walk through your establishment, using beautiful panoramic imagery of the highest quality. The Virtual Tour gives your restaurant the edge over all the other places that aren’t savvy enough to have it yet.

An article on the YouMoz blog connects a Google Business listing with better local search rankings on the Internet: “We found that (for the most part), sites that ranked the highest in local search had also adopted Google Business Photos…. In five of the nine data sets [that we compiled], sites that adopted Google Business Photos had the top #1 local search ranking.” (Finkelstein, Jeff, “Google Business Photos May Correlate with Higher Local Search Ranking, Although Not a Magic Bullet.” www.moz.com.)

Now you can see how professional images can boost your business and customer base, making the expense of hiring a great photographer in your area well worth the money. It’s a return on investment that speaks for itself. Doesn’t it make sense to hire a professional restaurant photographer to help you use your food’s visual appeal to bring in more customers?


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