Social Media Marketing is much more than posting your company’s website banner on the Cover or Profile, it is much more than just re-posting other people’s funny videos or taking selfies.

Social Media Marketing requires strategic planning. It requires writing captivating professionally written content that is of value to your ideal audience (clients).

Remember: Social Media Marketing is NOT about promoting what you want but rather about what your audience wants to know and learn. To be professional you must have every detail properly written.

Social Media Marketing Details


Facebook allows for real-time updates and interactions, while offering space for longer posts and add-ons such as event pages, groups, and applications. Facebook is where your personality will shine through!

Unique Posts – We will average 2-3 posts* on your Facebook page, on the best days to post according to the latest Facebook market research or on the best engagement days for your fans based on your Facebook Insights. These posts will be a combination of graphics, calls to action to visit your website. (*Varies according to your package)

Custom Content – We can write optimized custom content to promote it on social media and help you improve your SEO as well for an additional fee, depending on your package.

Social Media Networking - Interacting with other Pages and Groups that may help Attract possible business and referral partners.

Custom Graphics – Up to 10 custom graphics per month.

To improve the results of your Facebook Marketing we can manage your Facebook Ads for an additional fee – You are responsible to pay Facebook directly for any and all ad campaigns.

Facebook Advertising Management

Facebook Ad Management includes:

  • Ad concept and copy
  • Management of the campaign
  • Analytic reports
  • Graphic design. Additional Fee may apply for stock photo
  • Audience targeting
  • Adjusting ads as needed to maximize results
  • Transforming your content into marketing copy

    Facebook Advertising Management Monthly Estimated* Minimum for Lead Generation Campaign is $1,000.00 for Facebook stand-alone campaigns.

    Here's an example of what your marketing Investment may look like:

  • Facebook Advertising Setup: $250.00
  • Facebook Ad Creation: $250.00
  • Facebook Budget: $500.00 first month* (budget will be adjusted as needed)

    If your company does not have a Facebook Page set up yet, we will be happy to create and optimize one for you as follows (additional charges will apply):

  • Set up Business Page Profile with all relevant Company Contact Information
  • Design a Custom Facebook Background to keep brand consistent (additional)
  • Upload Logos and other images/photos
  • Add iFrames to Facebook - link to relevant website pages
  • Create Welcome Landing Page on Facebook
  • Install Constant Contact Newsletter Signup Form
  • Create “Calls to Action”
  • Create Tabs as necessary (ex: YouTube tab to share videos)

    LinkedIn acts like an online business card, allowing users to share resumes, recommendations and updates with other professionals. While LinkedIn was originally geared toward job seekers, it is now a driving force in networking and customer building.

    Updates – Up to two image updates on the company’s LinkedIn page. If we are hired to create custom content we can create up to 1 LinkedIn blog article per month.

    Networking – Following prospective LinkedIn pages and members that can become partners, prospective client leads or referral sources for your business. We may share LinkedIn INfluencers content periodically when the content speaks to your audience.

    LinkedIn Groups – Joining LinkedIn groups for virtual “networking”.

    LinkedIn Group Management – Help create a LinkedIn group if necessary and manage it.

    If your company does not have a LinkedIn Profile set up yet, we will be happy to create and optimize one for you as follows (additional charges will apply):

  • Set up company profile
  • Design a Custom LinkedIn Background to keep brand consistent
  • Position
  • Offer credibility
  • Keyword searches

    All XoomIM Inbound Marketing Agency packages are subject to customized pricing and our Terms of Service.