Today more than ever it is important to have a website that can be found by customers who need your products and services to solve their problems. Prospective customers who do not know you or your company will find you only if and when you have a website that is optimized for greater performance on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

When your website is created by XoomIM, we give you an optimized website, but you must continue updating the content and optimizing it monthly if you would like to continue appearing on searches.

If you would like for us to either create a brand new optimized website for you, or if you want us to optimize your current WordPress site, please call us today at 786-529-1519 for an SEO Audit Consultation.

SEO Average Timeline

  • First Month – We conduct research on your business and perform an SEO audit of your website. Then we develop a list of keywords.
  • Second Month – Based on our research, we begin to optimize your website. This may include major changes to your site, which would take additional time.
  • Third Month – Now we begin the creation of your original content: blogs, whitepapers, spotlights on your products or services, and other content that helps Google find your site.
  • Fourth Month – We continue the development of content and search engine optimization on your website. You may begin to notice an increase in site traffic and search engine rankings by now.
  • Fifth Month – Traffic from our social media strategy will have been sending new visitors (leads!) to your website, using your original content to get them clicking from your social media channels to your site.
  • Sixth Month – At this point, we will continue to create more content and promote it to amplify your audience. Having a working strategy in place, we will develop new and creative activities to attract more visitors and further increase lead generation for your website.