Although it has been around for several years, it seems that social media marketing is an elusive marketing tactic for most small business owners. Most think they must do social media because “everybody is doing it!” However, when they either decide to do it themselves, or worst yet, hire the kid next door who claims to know because they spend all day in front of a computer and somehow managed to have 1000 likes, fans and/or followers, they think they have social media all figured out.

It’s interesting that this type of so-called social media expertise has little to do with the two main reasons why social media has become a key component of small business success.

Some researchers believe that the first reason social media is crucial to small businesses is that social media can help create branding visibility; the second reason is to generate potential leads into the sales funnel.

A successful social media marketing strategy has many facets, components and determinants of success. Some small business owners who are stuck in the “traditional” ways of marketing think that as long as they are “being seen” by some eyeballs they are successful, while other more disillusioned small business owners believe social media is a waste of time because the neighbor they hired to do their social media 20 hours a week could not close any sales for them! These are the types who believe that marketing is sales instead of marketing = sales. You know these types of small business owners: the ones that create a single ad and post it over and over again on social media because that is all they have.

At XoomIM, we believe and know thanks to research from some of the most prominent national organizations we follow and work with that there is a method behind the madness. If you can make your way out of the madness and the noise you will reap the rewards of creating a clear written social media plan, executing it, reviewing it, improving it and continuing to follow it forever because social media marketing is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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