Two Key Phases to Your Marketing Success: The XoomIM SMarketing Strategy Consultation Phase and the written Strategic SMarketing Plan Development Phase

Before beginning any marketing project with any company, the team at XoomIM likes to ask business owners if they have a written strategic marketing plan. Unfortunately, most small business owners do not understand the importance of having a strategic plan because they are typically concerned about rushing into tactics like social media without devising a thought-out plan. While having a strategy in mind is important, having a written Strategic Marketing Plan is crucial to your success.


Small business owners who do not have a marketing budget, and do not understand the importance of having a written strategic marketing plan, have limited knowledge or understanding of what this process entails and they refuse to invest in the process because it can be time-consuming and painfully revealing.

A well-written strategic marketing plan will help you manage expectations and avoid being frustrated. It will help you answer key questions about what’s working and what’s not working when marketing your business, as well as acting as an ongoing reference to help you execute your marketing tactics. When you hire XoomIM to map out your strategy, you will have a structured approach to creating services, products and solutions that satisfy your customers’ needs and expectations.

Before you invest in one more marketing tactic - like paying to participate in an Expo or Tradeshow, or advertising in the local coupon magazine - you should pause to develop a strategy. A great strategy should be accompanied by a written plan to help you remain focused on your marketing objectives and on how you’re going to achieve them. Let XoomIM design a custom marketing plan that sets realistic and measurable objectives and that includes budgets and action plans.

At XoomIM, we like to spend the first month of our working relationship mapping out a plan of action before we begin implementing it, so we usually take the first month to set up your campaign strategy.

(If you do not have a business plan or a strategic marketing plan that is written, we suggest you first hire us to write a strategic marketing plan before we set up any marketing campaigns. Please note that a written strategic marketing plan usually takes the team at XoomIM 2 months to complete and there is a separate charge for this type of service.)

Because of our commitment to our Mission to only suggest marketing solutions that are aligned with our customer business goals, we must take time to carefully craft a customized strategy that represents our client's brand and helps them grow a profitable business.

Manage your expectations of marketing by setting realistic marketing goals. In order to monitor the success of your marketing you must first write down the outcomes and results you want to accomplish. Start by setting specif benchmarks for what success will look like before you even think about tackling tactics. Remember the strategy always precedes the tactics. Be as specific as possible by setting measurable objectives that can include:

  • 1.) Amount of traffic you want to receive from social media
  • 2.) Number of fans and followers
  • 3.) Ratio of visitors to conversions
  • 4.) Number and type of posts compared to the amount of engagement
  • 5.) Ratio of audience growth and engagement to sales

If you currently do not have a written strategy that predicts your company’s future growth, you can hire the team at XoomIM Inbound SMarketing Agency to develop a written Strategic SMarketing Plan to help you Attract, Capture and Retain Loyal Clients for life!