The Most Powerful System to Attract, Capture and Retain Clients


The XoomIM Inbound SMarketing System is a strategy that helps companies work more effectively by aligning sales goals with marketing tactics to generate an ongoing influx of leads into the funnel and improve the percentage of closed sales.

The XoomIM Inbound SMarketing System has proven to properly fuse sales and marketing goals to double the results.

According to an Aberdeen report, companies that were successful in aligning their sales and marketing teams could increase revenue by 20%. This is in stark comparison to those who were not able to align the two departments and saw a 4% decline.

The XoomIM Inbound SMarketing System blends social media marketing, lead capture pages and email campaigns with all your offline sales activities. At XoomIM every marketing activity is tied to a sales objective. The System is an outcomes-based strategy that has proven to Attract, Capture and Retain Loyal Clients.

If your company is willing to close the gap between Sales and Marketing, it will positively impact the bottom line.

By utilizing the XoomIM Inbound SMarketing System, you will reframe the sales conversation from push to pull because your sales and marketing messages will have one resounding theme that will powerfully position your brand.


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