For some businesses, summertime means sales slowdown: there seem to be fewer customers, less website traffic, and lower social media engagement.

Please share on our page what challenges your business faces during the summer?

After a long, busy season, it’s tempting to slow down your marketing efforts. During the summer kids get out of school, the weather is hotter and many people take some time off. A summer vacation is perfect for you but not for your business. Don’t rest on your laurels because there are many great summer marketing activities you can implement as part of your marketing strategy!

You will agree that summertime can be a wonderful time for some companies and a dry desert for others.

Business changes and people seem to relax. Does this mean customers aren’t buying or companies should not be planning for the fall? Of course not.

Do you know what happens when you start a “diet,” or eating better for a while, but then decide to take a break? You go back to your old habits.

Well, I know firsthand what happens because I took a 7-week “break” from Weight Watchers after having successfully released 20 pounds – and in that time off, I gained back 7 pounds!

Taking a break from marketing over the summer has its consequences too, just like taking a break from a diet and allowing yourself to be less mindful over what you eat.

If you’re not sure what you can do for your company this summer, or if your sales have slowed down, it’s time to contact the Team at XoomIM at 786-529-1519 or and ask us how we can help you Attract, Capture and Retain Loyal Clients this summer!

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