2015-XoomIM-Facebook-Strategy-What will you have to do differently in your 2015 Facebook strategy?

If you, like us, have enjoyed generating leads, and closing sales thanks to promotional Facebook posts, you may have noticed the 2015 Facebook changes.

As a savvy small business owner you will have to work a little harder to keep using Facebook as a lead generation platform.

According to Facebook, users want better content in their News Feeds. They no longer want to see posts that are overtly promotional; they want to be engaged. This means that your “deal of the week” won’t cut it anymore as an acceptable post if all you write is, “Check out the new low price on our fantastic product” or the all too famous “buy it now!”

Facebook unacceptable practices include:

  • Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app
  • Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context
  • Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads

It’s not all bad, though – some changes are there to help those of us with Business Pages. A new feature is the Call-To-Action button, which will appear right there over your cover photo in plain sight. This button is editable, and you can easily highlight it to make it even easier for visitors to see it and use it. You will have several options on what it says, such as Contact Us, Watch Now, Sign Up, and Use App.

Because the button appears on your cover photo, make sure you put one up that’s really killer – a real eye-catcher! And change it often so visitors don’t get used to it and gloss over it, and end up going right past your valuable CTA button.

Another useful tool will be Facebook At Work. Though mostly a rumor at this point, it sounds good for businesses that are looking for a new intercompany communication system. Facebook At Work will let colleagues contact each other on a different network than the personal or even Business pages that we are used to, and much like Google+, will let users collaborate on projects at the same time. But this is not what will make this tool so attractive to the small business owner; this focused audience will make for an excellent target for advertisers.

This brings us back to the new way of utilizing Facebook for your business promotion. If you want to sell on Facebook in 2015, you might have to look into a properly constructed, cost-effective paid ad campaign because some posts formerly allowed will not be acceptable any more or some new Facebook apps that innovative designers have recently released.

Another sales tool that has been removed is the “Like” Gate. This feature let a Business Page build Likes by offering visitors special coupons and discounts after they Liked the page. The Like Gate was done away with late last year in November.

Facebook users are now demanding better content on their News Feeds. They don’t want to be blatantly bribed with coupons for their scarce attention any more. They want to receive tips, read meaningful messages, and see engaging content on their pages. By Liking you, they are giving you a little piece of their precious profile’s real estate, and now they want you to earn it. Can we blame them?

How well do you know your audience? If you are in alignment with their wants and needs, then it won’t be too difficult to come up with valuable information for your visitors. Give them something that they can use immediately.

If you want your audience to continue coming back because your visitors are prospects and prospects become customers, share posts that are more like a friendly conversation. The changes happening this year on Facebook should be seen as an opportunity to grow together with your fans, and solidify your relationship with your customers. People buy from people they “like, know and trust.” Now is your chance to personally show your fans how likeable and trustworthy you are.

So how will you Attract visitors to your business Page, Capture their e-mail for email marketing and Convert them into loyal customers without getting wrapped up in expensive ad campaigns?

Simple, call XoomIM Internet Marketing Agency and we will help you!

We offer complimentary marketing workshops throughout Miami-Dade and Broward Counties specializing in social media lead generation.

If you like, you can reserve your seat today simply by calling 786-529-1519 or emailing us at info@xoomim.com

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